Cope leaders are just sore losers

A LOT has been said about the ANChaving gone to the dogs and its leaders violating our Constitution.

On the contrary, the dogs have left the ANC and are now, to our surprise, "protecting" the Constitution against the very ANC that made it a reality.

It is sad that a democratic process in Polokwane has produced angry and frustrated losers, who resorted to the lowest possible machination to raise their careers from the political grave.

After being trounced, they were said to be planning a hit-back campaign. The plan, we reckon, is to besmirch the ANC leadership as louts who do not respect the rule of law.

The sore losers are sparing neither strength nor effort to ensure that their agenda succeeds. Daily, they are talking about Jacob Zuma's woes with the law, emanating from the Arms Deal charges, of which many South Africans still believe were trumped up.

The Polokwane delegates stood by Zuma in his assertion that the charges were spurious, as later confirmed by the NPA when it cleared him. What the bad losers are saying is that ANC leaders accused of crimes must not use legal avenues to fight the charges preferred against them, but must humbly march to the slaughterhouse.

We are grateful that at last the careerists left the party. Instead of rubbishing the ANC, the losers' leadership and founders of Cope must engage on matters of substance and keep the ANC in check. That is the role of the opposition.

Siphiwe Sithole, Nelspruit