The mom of baby events

MEET the woman behind The Baby Expo, one of South Africa's biggest expos.

MEET the woman behind The Baby Expo, one of South Africa's biggest expos.

Projeni Pather, pictured , is the managing director of Exposure Marketing and Communications. As we speak, she is hard at work organising The Baby Expo. It will take place at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg from May 13 to May 16 .

The six-year-old expo is popular among parents because it provides the perfect child-rearing opportunity. It is also the ideal platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to showcase baby products.

Pather is confident that the event will be well-attended again this time.

She says the event was inspired by the birth of her first baby. A s a new mom, Pather was looking for an event where she could easily access parenting information .

"During one of my visits to the UK, I spotted the concept in London. I remember thinking that there had to be other moms who were looking for the same thing. And it was the perfect opportunity to offer the much-needed information to parents in South Africa.

"Once I get an idea in my head, it's very hard to stop me and so the Your Baby Show, which eventually became The Baby Expo, was born," says Pather.

The expo is proving to be the biggest and most informative exhibition of its kind . It reaches more than 100000 visitors in Johannesburg, in Durban and Cape Town.

"I started the expo with the goal of making it a highlight on any parent or parents-to-be calendar. This required organisers to offer the best of what was available on the market and this is what they continually strive towards."

Pather ensures that the environment at the expo is very comfortable for everybody.

"Because we understand the physical and emotional needs of parents and children, we create experiences where parents can relax and enjoy being part of a parenting community. So from the time they walk through the doors, parents and children are welcomed into our magical world," Pather says.

Features include breast-feeding and nappy-changing rooms, a play zone for active children , a luxury zone where mothers can relax and be pampered, and so much more.

Pather can claim bragging rights because she also managed to secure the licence for the exclusive exhibition rights for the world's most loved purple dinosaur, Barney.