Stop judging Jacob Zuma

THE Bible says: "Let him who has no sin cast the first stone".

Let's allow our president his human and constitutional rights to disclose his HIV status . How many of us would have said it was careless if he said he was HIV positive?

Patricia de Lille and Helen Zille should respect our president. We are tired of their hammering him. Even when he does something good we look for the negative.

Many people have forgotten the shower incident and now we bring it back. People should take the test and disclose their status publicly if they feel they want to do something about it.

I was surprised at Don Shongwe's letter in Sowetan on May5 headlined " Zuma has set back fight against Aids". My brother, be careful of what you say because the HIV- Aids fight is fought by cadres of good standing and they encourage people to get tested and disclose so that the stigma of the disease is minimised or eradicated.

We now make it seem as if there is a problem with being HIV negative and people must only disclose when they are positive.

Come on, Mzansi, let's work together. Our president has done us, who fight against the stigma of HIV-Aids, proud. All South Africans and their leaders should lead from the front and take that action.

We are proud of our president and have accepted his apology. We know that he will not disappoint us again.

To other leaders, stop your denial and get tested. Get tested and if you want to disclose, we will support you.

Gordon Rolls, Ennerdale