Teachers still rely on the rod

A SCHOOL in Limpopo is still using corporal punishment despite it having been outlawed.

Teachers at Phahlaphahla High School in Rebone outside Polokwane have allegedly been meting out corporal punishment on pupils.

The latest incident occurred yesterday when a girl pupil was allegedly beaten by a female teacher for not producing her homework.

The teacher allegedly used her bare hands to beat the pupil.

The teachers are also accused of physically punishing pupils for making noise during school hours.

According to one of the pupils the principal also called in the police to assault pupils who were having love affairs with fellow pupils

"One of the pupils was assaulted by the police officers in full view of other pupils after he was accused of having an affair with a female pupil," said a pupil who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the source the girl's mother had allegedly reported her daughter's affair to the school principal, who then summoned the police.

The woman allegedly disapproved of the affair between the two pupils.

"We are still surprised at the decision by the principal to involve the police because the affair had nothing to do with them and the principal," the source said.

A parent also said yesterday that they had raised concerns with the principal about the manner in which he was running the school, but he had ignored them.

The teachers allegedly also used fan belts and sticks to punish pupils.

Provincial department of education spokesperson Pat Kgomo said they viewed the allegations as "extreme misconduct".

"Teachers should know it is a dismissible offence to apply corporal punishment on pupils," Kgomo said

He said they would investigate the allegations and if they were proved to be true disciplinary action would be taken.