R8 GT is a lethal weapon

THE Audi R8 recipe is so strong that its makers have decided to create another one from the original.

THE Audi R8 recipe is so strong that its makers have decided to create another one from the original.

Audi has decided to combine the Audi R8 production car and the R8 LSM racing car to form the new Audi R8 GT. The genes of the race version are coming to the streets in the R8 GT. The exclusive series is limited to 333 units. Each R8 GT has a badge with its production number on the shift lever knob.

It has not yet been decided when this model will be in South Africa, but according to Audi SA the car was already being reviewed for the SA market introduction.

The new car is expected to be ruthless and mean on the road.

The 5.2-litre V10 has been increased to 412 kW.

Audi says the car's weight has been reduced by roughly 100kg. The Germans claim their latest creation sprints from zero to 100 kmh in 3,6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 320kmh.

Audi R8 customers will be spoiled for choice, as not only the GT but also the R8S Spyder is coming. The car shares its looks with both the production and the race cars.

The single-frame grille, its struts and the slats in the air intakes, are finished in matte titanium grey; the grille is painted matte black. The splitter under the bumper has a double lip and is made of carbon. Slender, curved flicks at the corners of the nose increase the downforce on the front axle and are also made of a carbon fiber composite.

One highlight of the R8 GT is its standard LED headlights, which use light-emitting diodes for all functions. They produce bright, homogeneous lights, have a long service life and low energy consumption.

The daytime running lights comprise 24 LEDs each and appear as a continuous band. The reflectors are reminiscent of open mussel shells.

The defining element of the side view is the side-blades that direct air to the engine and in the R8 GT are also made of matte carbon.

The same material is used for the reduced-size housing of the side mirrors, which are mounted on an aluminum base. The 19-inch wheels feature an exclusive five twin-spoke Y design in a titanium-look finish. The front fenders sport "GT" badges. The modifications to the rear of the car are particularly apparent, beginning with the fixed wing of matte carbon.

The ventilation louvres on both sides of the rear hatch and the bumper, which integrates the large, round tailpipes and vents for the wheel wells, have been redesigned.

If the specs are anything to go by, it means the modified V10 engine is a lethal weapon.