Male chauvinist guard does not belong here

I WAS outraged by the treatment your female photographer was subjected to, as reported in Sowetan on May 3.

Some of my sports-mad colleagues said: "What else can you expect from Orlando Pirates, and it wouldn't happen at another stadium."

I would not go that far. But I can say that the security guard must be from a plaas somewhere outside Joburg.

If he is going to be so backward he must go back to the backwaters from whence he came and stay there.

This is Joburg - the best city in South Africa, no matter what those Cape Town people say. We are way ahead of everyone in all areas, even in gender politics.

Anyone so narrow-minded could not come from here and does not belong here.

No true Joburger would ever believe that a woman's place is only in the home, and woe betide anyone who tries to say that to a female born here because they are likely to get an earful.

Councillor Ann Barnes, DA Joburg