His foibles aside, he was a colourful character

SLAIN strip club boss Lolly Jackson lived large.

His detractors, though, including his nemesis and business rival Andrew Phillips, would venture to say he lived by the sword - and died by the sword.

Jackson, born in the Congo, died in a hail of bullets at a house in Kempton Park on Monday night, and a collective sigh of relief from those he rubbed up the wrong way in his flamboyant life immediately followed. In a scene reminiscent of a gangster movie he was shot 15 times, and still not many shed a tear.

Jackson was arrogance personified. This was sure not to go down well with those in the habit of counting their words before they spoke.

Aged 53 when he met his cold-blooded end, he'd worked himself up to a plush life as South Africa's answer to Hugh Hefner. But while Hefner's cash-cow was his Playboy empire, Jackson's was the Teazers strip clubs - at least seven of them.

These gave Phillips' The Ranch a run for its money, hence the surviving man's acidic "condolences".

Jackson's scantily clad girls were mostly illegally employed Eastern Europeans, whose presence in the country always put him at odds with the law. He had an uncanny relationship with all manner of law-enforcement agencies - from the SAPS, the revenue service to the Advertising Standards Authority.

He was the envy of petrol-heads - what with a huge collection of sports cars, including a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo he reportedly paid a cool R2,5 million for at an auction.

The man who shot him is said to have fled in Jackson's vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee which, in the Teazers supremo's grand scheme of things, is likely to have been a mere jalopy. Jackson was once trapped one July near Edenvale on the East Rand flying through a speed trap at 249kmh.

Reports at the time said "he had to pay a fine of R20000 in September for his moment of madness but, according to the public prosecutor, he came up with the money in "no time".

This is the same amount of money he'd donate to 800m Berlin champion Caster Semenya when he was caught in the brouhaha of insensitive billboard advertising.

His billboards were, just like the man, brash and bold.

The house he died in is, by his living standards, likely to have been just another hovel. Once he was in the news auctioning off his home in Bedfordview, which reportedly boasted five bedrooms, a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and five garages.

Whatever his foibles as a human being, Jackson was a colourful character. Sleaze will never know another lolly so sweet!