Let premier lead Gauteng

DELEGATES to the ANC Gauteng provincial conference should think carefully before voting.

The new leadership will not only impact on Gauteng, but is also important for South Africa. The country's economic hub has an annual budget of more than R40billion.

This electionis a money versus values issue.

Since Nomvula Mokonyane is p remier, it is logical that she has political control of Gauteng by being elected chairperson. This will create one centre of power. Rather have Paul Mashatile as deputy and reach a compromise than having the two ANC stalwarts locking horns.

Two centres of power is problematic because it often results in two agendas being pursued, creating division and confusion as egos come in the way.

Mokonyane's determination and energy in serving the ANC is well documented and her loyalty and capability can never be doubted.

She came in as premier to find the budget almost depleted, resulting in service providers not being paid on time, squeezing their cash flow that often saw small businesses shutting down.

She saved Gauteng R250million from the F1 franchise and came up with many other interventions to stop the province's finances from being further looted. She ensured that service providers were paid speedily and directly by the departments concerned, cutting the long wait. She needs to be given a chance to do more. She needs to be assisted. One way is to vote for her.

Some say that a female should not lead South Africa's economic hub. What balderdash. Women are as capable to rule as men. The ANC is a nonsexist organisation and leaders are chosen on ability.

It is Mokonyane or we become another Nigeria, where looting of state coffers and corruption rules.

White Nkatsh, Tshwane