JZ remainsa denialist

HAIL not President Jacob Zuma for declaring his "negative" status.

Our policy is that a person's status is a personal matter. We are not encouraged by Zuma saying he is negative after his one-night stand with the HIV-positive daughter of a comrade.

Is Zuma confirming that a shower helped him? He will be in the Guinness Book of Records for being the first person to sleep without a condom with an HIV-positive person without being infected.

Maybe Zuma used an African herb we are not aware of to prevent his being infected.

I am shocked that the Treatment Action Campain, Napwa and the National Aids Council did not issue a statement about the message Zuma is sending.

How can we believe that he is negative when he read rather than showed us the results? We want to see the results that have to be verified for authenticity.

Can we trust a president who apologised for sleeping with Khwezi but slept with Sonono Khoza five years later? Zuma is an unrepentant denialist.

Vumani Mthethwa, KwaMashu