Fifa insult

A LOT, that's what. This is if you'd venture to ask: What's in a song?

Shakira, the gyrating Colombian songstress so bowled over the suits at Fifa during Germany 2006 with her Hips Don't Lie that they've called for an encore for South Africa 2010.

The official song for the World Cup here, we are told, is Shakira's version of a ditty whose lyrics are in the Fang dialect of Cameroon.

In the books of the patriarchal world soccer body, this, and the small matter that Shakira will be backed by local act Freshlyground, is all it needs to convince the natives that this is still an African World Cup. How patronising!

The song Waka Waka, according to some historians, is apparently "a criticism of black military officers who were in league with whites to oppress their own people".

Shakira's stage magnetism aside, she isn't one of our own!

Whose World Cup is this anyway?