Getting to know hoarders

VISUAL artist Nare Mokgotho is a fascinating individual.

VISUAL artist Nare Mokgotho is a fascinating individual.

This is evident from his latest exhibition, Someday Today, at the Michael Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town until May 29.

Someday Today follows Someday Soon in which he worked with a group of people who love to hoard to explore the theme of ownership.

He explains the inspiration and idea behind the theme: "I believe hoarders are biographical and this why I am attracted to the practice. As I walked around participants' homes and spoke to them I could identify traces of their narratives in what they chose to collect.

"Someday Soon was a sentiment shared by the participants," Makghatho says. "Each one insisted that one day they would use what they had accumulated.

"This was best exemplified by Heidi Redelinghuis, who collects more than 19 magazines each month."

He says Redelinghuis insisted that "someday soon" she would go through her magazines, cut out and archive the articles she wanted and discard the rest.

"She has said this for years, but still has to do it," he says. "Someday Soon entailed convincing participants to entrust their possessions to me for the duration of an exhibition. Someday Today is a progression of this process."

In Someday Today Mokgotho gives Redelinghuis a chance to act on her pledge. The side gallery will be transformed into a work space where she can read her magazines, use what interests her and discard the rest.

For three days the two will archive her articles. The archive will be made available to visitors for viewing as it materialises.

"I hope to create an environment where connections can be made, whether between Heidi and myself, among participants and us or participants themselves."