Apologise, guys

AS YOU might have read elsewhere in the paper today, a duo of cavemen employed as security staff by Orlando Pirates sullied our photographer's working shift at their game with Als Puk Tawana on Saturday night.

Vathiswa Ruselo's only crime was that she was a woman and, according to the two ignoramuses, should have known better than to seek entry to a tunnel office where her male colleagues go in and out with team sheets, a tool of their trade.

Ever the sensible lady, she retreated before the Neanderthals could haul out their Stone Age clubs and inflict bodily harm or worse on her.

In memory of the late Zodwa Khoza and other Bucs matriarchs Pirates management would do well to apologise to Ruselo and all women lest they give the impression that the culprits were acting at their bidding.

Irvin Khoza should come down hard on such bigotry.