Samas have lost prestige

I'D LIKE to point say at the outset that I am not part of any rebel group that is anti-South African Music Awards, but I feel there are issues that need to be ironed out about the ceremony.

The Samas, or their organisers for that matter, pride themselves in recognising, appreciating and reflecting on the current status of South African music.

But, to the contrary, they are applauding lukewarm talent that fosters recycled material.

This was once again proven at this year's awards.

It is incomprehensible that Lira took home the Best Female award via an album containing the same songs she was awarded for last year, including the songs that were overlooked by the judges three years ago.

And in the next year she was renominated and awarded by default. This though she has a handsome support base and some substance.

PRO (Kid), undoubtedly one of South Africa's best rappers, failed to crack the nod! Proverb too.

Nhlanhla Nciza's efforts were virtually ignored, while the queen of reinvention and savvy career management, KB Motsilanyane, was thrown in at the deep end with one nomination in the Best Alternative Album: African Category.

These are just some examples of the injustice the Samas do to real talent.

Inthe light of all of this there needs to be transparency (like the Grammys) in this whole process because the Samas have lost prestige. Really.

People's hard work is ignored to the benefit of individuals who hog the spotlight using short cuts by releasing the same songs in a different format.

I trust that you, as a medium, will be instrumental in eradicating this mockery that is a catalyst in driving South Africans to look more at international artists.

Kgothatso Mampa, Bendor Park