Sowetan article and leaderwas spot on

I AM writing to say that I am a first-time reader of Sowetan and I am very impressed by the frank and informative journalism displayed in the April 21 edition.

Makhosini Nkosi wrote a splendid article on the lowering of the moral bar, which gave me hope for the future of our land.

Your leader was also wellresearched and courageous and summed up much of what the citizens of our land are struggling with at present.

I wonder if the present leadership of the ANC has the courage to address the issues that concern the populace with the same attitude that the likes of Tambo, Mandela et al portrayed.

It seems that since deposing Mbeki we have witnessed a decline in values in every sphere of our society and this is worrying for the people of RSA. It seems the ANCYL et al and AWB are ruling the nation.

Most people I know are opposed to these sections and dread the possibility of either ruling the nation.

They are certainly not giving our rainbow land a good name and are causing untold problems when they represent such viewpoints. Perhaps this isn't the case, or is it?

If it is there is little hope for us here and we will seriously have to consider alternative measures. What a tragedy to have reached the moral high ground in 1994 and then to have sunk to the level of a banana republic!

Perhaps there is hope for us yet? We will need strong leaders who have integrity and are bold, for we are a people of diverse and incredible potential, it will take leaders of like quality to lead us!

Dr Brian Andrews, Cascades