Females blame themselves while males feel others are to blame.

Females blame themselves while males feel others are to blame.

Females feel sad, apathetic and worthless while males feel angry, irritable and ego-inflated.

Women feel anxious and scared while men feel suspicious and guarded.

Females avoid conflicts at all costs while males create conflicts.

Women always try to be nice while men are overtly or covertly hostile.

Women withdraw when feeling hurt while men attack when feeling hurt.

Females have trouble with self respect while men demand respect from others.

Females feel they were born to fail while males feel the world set them up to fail.

Women feel slowed down and nervous while males are restless and agitated.

Women are chronic procrastinator while males are compulsive time keepers.

Women sleep too much while males sleep too little.

Women have trouble setting boundaries while men need control at all costs.

Women feel guilty for what they do while men feel ashamed for who they are.

Women are uncomfortable receiving praise while men are frustrated if not praised enough.

Women find it easy to talk about weaknesses and doubts while men are terrified to talk about these things.

Women have strong fear of success while men have strong fear of failure.

Women need to "blend in" to feel safe while men need to be "top dog" to feel safe.