ANC has only one centre of power

I WAS chagrined after reading Oupa Motse's letter, "Have one centre of power".

Firstly, the letter is in direct transgression of rule 11.6 of the guidelines, which prohibits members to distribute or publish articles without authorisation if it purports to be the view of any organised grouping, faction or tendency in the ANC.

Motse is ill-disciplined by ignoring the rules that have been distributed to all branches. The letter is disingenuous and destroys the spirit of unity and cohesion in Gauteng.

Secondly, every member has the right to stand for nomination and branches decide on leadership at the conference. Motse cannot decide who should be elected. Lobbying happens at branches, not in the media.

It is wrong to say that the two comrades are the only ones available for nomination. Such a view obliterates other cadres who wish to be nominated.

Thirdly, the ANC is the centre. The current arrangement of deploying the premier and the position of the chairperson does not create two centres of power. The premier and chair are united on issues of organisation and government.

The ANC works well with government on all issues. The relationship between the ANC, premier, her cabinet and provincial executive is strong. The May conference is an ANC, not a provincial gathering. The ANC does not want to macro-manage the government.

The letter lobbies members to elect a particular candidate. Motse uses the word "principle" for political expediency and to garner support. He should save the ANC's image and integrity, not sow disunity.

Dumisa Ntuli - ANC Gautengcommunications directorJohannesburg