Visagie is an ignoramus

I READ most newspaper reports on the coverage of the two suspects accused of killing AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche.

While I believe that it is not justifiable for any person to kill another, I have no regard for the general secretary of the AWB, André Visagie.

I quote him: "We would love to have other nations as neighbours, but we are not part of the Venda nation, we will never be part of it and we will never integrate with them."

The fact that Visagie does not know that the leader of the ANCYL is not Venda is not only further evidence of his unstable state of mind, but also shows his ignorance about group dynamics in this country.

Why are AWB members allowing its general secretary to incite racial and ethnic hatred?

It is sad that the AWB leader has passed on. Needless to say that he brutalised and killed Africans.

Visagie's verbal attack against the Venda people reflects the ideology of the AWB, which is against black people and thus intolerable. His leadership is questionable. As a so-called leader of the AWB, how does Visagie lead an organisation if he still believes that Venda is an independent state? Is he not misleading the AWB members and prejudicing the Venda people?

It is up to the fellowship of the AWB to blindly succumb to Visagie's idiocy or to become informed to enable themselves to intelligently identify whether Venda is an independent state or part of South Africa.

Continuously adhering to the politics of emotions is not only disastrous, but misguided too and it will lead the AWB to the cemetery, just like its late leader.

Humbulani Rambau, Centurion