THE ANC might be backing down on instituting any disciplinary action against ANCYL president Juluis Malema.

THE ANC might be backing down on instituting any disciplinary action against ANCYL president Juluis Malema.

Yesterday ANC deputy general secretary Thandi Modise told a media briefing that the party was still investigating charges against Malema.

But she also said the ANC would not ignore the recommendation by the ANCYL that Malema should not be disciplined.

Asked to explain the implication of her statement Modise said: "It's very simple: they made a submission to the ANC officials. It will be considered. When you consider any submission you can go with it or against it. It can go either way."

The ANCYL's position is that Malema is speaking on its behalf and that he should therefore not be singled out for disciplinary action.

Yesterday ANCYL secretary Vuyiswa Tulelo said Malema was speaking on behalf of the youth league on various matters, including the league's decision to sing the controversial song Ayesaba Amagwala.

"All his views and pronouncements are supported by the youth league."

Modise's statement followed a marathon meeting between the ANC top six and ANCYL's top brass on Monday to discuss Malema's public conduct.

These include his recent statement that the ANCYL supported the ruling Zanu-PF, and his attack on the Movement for Democratic Change. His utterances were seen to be contrary to the efforts by Zuma to mediate the Zimbabwean crisis.

The ANC was also unhappy with Malema's objection to a public rebuke by Zuma - where he allegedly accused the president of acting even worse than Thabo Mbeki.

Modise said the ANC had "preferred charges against the ANCYL president Julius Malema".

"We have taken issue with a quotation that is supposed to have come from Julius Malema, where he said Mbeki was better than Zuma and we had a discussion about that."

Modise also rejected reports that Zuma was made by the ANC Youth League, adding that the behaviour of the youth league would not "weaken or strengthen" Zuma's authority.

"Zuma was not made by the ANCYL. Zuma has been a leader of the ANC for a very long time. That is why he was elected as a leader of the ANC by branches and structures of the ANC."