Courts are turning fathers into monsters

IT IS sickening to see so many orphaned, abandoned, kidnapped and murdered children who are victims of revenge.

I blame the family courts that do not care about anything men say. They order men around and prescribe maintenance. When men dispute that, they have to pay for paternity and blood tests.

How many men out of a 100 have won custody? Perhaps two, if any . M aintenance is just a business.

Some of us have been paying for over a decade but have no access to the children who are said to be ours. Some women claim exorbitant amounts and courts grant them the money. And they claim government grants too.

Greed, anger and jealousy is involved. I read a newspaper report about a girl who torched a man's house and damaged his vehicle. Last Thursday , I watched the television programme Cutting Edge in which a man was physically, emotionally and financially abused. What happens in that man's mind?

Our law enforcers and judicial system were of no help to him.Instead of dealing with the matter, they were biased. Is it a sin to part from your ex? Some men pay for children they did not father.

The courts are turning men into monsters. Some have become racists and killers because they were wrongly convicted and sentenced for crimes they did not commit.

Some women can't stand the sight of a successful ex. They always come up with something and they know that the law is on their side.

When I see single women owning cars and houses I can understand why they fill 15 Market Street in Johannesburg.

Mandla Tshabalala, Protea