Apartheid names insult blacks

I RECENTLY visited Heidelberg and was very embarrassed and hurt to see that the main street of this conservative town is still named after infamous apartheid architect,HF Verwoerd.

Minister, how, after almost 16 years of the new democratic dispensation, can we still have these offensive names for towns and streets?

Is our government so impotent that they cannot even change the names of streets, towns and buildings?

How does the ANC leadership in these towns live with themselves when they fail to restore the pride and dignity of this country's indigenous people?

Is this because of the racist actions of a few people who want the status quo to remain? This should not be allowed because it presents a one-sided history and heritage of South Africa.

Looking at all the names of the towns in this country makes one wonder if we have political leadership in this country?

All other African countries have been successful in restoring the dignity of their people through changing colonial names.

Why is it difficult here?

Contrary to propaganda, changing names will not be a waste of money.

I want my dignity restored before we look at improving my material conditions.

I am appealing to the arts and culture minister to speedily put into process all name changes. If need be, change the Constitution to keep any legal problems from distracting us from reversing the indignity against the black people of this country.

Patrick Rampai, Klerksdorp