Let laws and Constitution work for people

LAWS without enforcement are useless . Government departments that praise themselves about good laws and do little to monitor their enforcement are moribund.

Farm and mine workers have borne the brunt of exploitation . It is shameful and scandalous that after so many years of democracy , there are still disputes about pay, slave labour, no housing, poor housing and no schooling for some who work long hours for little pay, no medical insurance for many and no pension s for most workers.

For legislation to work we need vigilant, incorruptible, knowledgeable and well-paid people to inspect, monitor and enforce the law as well as punish those who break it.

Citizens should know their rights . The best constitution will not benefit them if they are ignorant of their rights .

To benefit all of us the Constitution should be taught to children as soon as they start school. Let them learn it the way they learn poems, timetables, prayers or whatever. In this way it will become part of them. It will stay in the back of their minds to be called on whenever the need arises.

For the rest of us the Constitution should be displayed in public places so that it becomes familiar to us.

There has been self-enrichment by a few at the expense of the majority. Nobody deserves more than others. We have all contributed to freedom.

We must elect honest, hardworking leaders or blame ourselves if those we vote for are not what we thought. Retrieve the funds that were stolen from the state.

Tighten up the justice system and put in place a good education system for all children.

Tuelo Leteane, Mafikeng