JZ puts Juju in his place at last

THE ANC has finally come down hard on Julius Malema and its youth league.

President Jacob Zuma has at last read Malema the riot act.

Ever since he took over the ANCYL two years ago, Malema has been an embarrassment to the ANC and the country at large.

He was conveniently used by some to get rid of Thabo Mbeki in 2008, after which he felt he was untouchable. His public utterances and conduct have left the current leadership with a serious credibility problem.

The ANC has allowed Malema to have his cake and eat it for too long. Even though they rebuked him in private, it was clear that he thought he was untouchable and bigger than the rules of conduct in the ANC.

Malema is always talking about the revolution that he knows so little about. He has definitely alienated some people from the ANC.

I commend Luthuli House for finally breaking the silence publicly and coming down hard on all those who defy its leadership and directives. The ANC, not the individuals within it, calls the shots.

The honeymoon is over for the youth league. They are after all not an autonomous body; they belong to the ANC and are accountable to the mother body. Let's hope this rebuke will finally close a sad chapter in public discourse in South Africa.

People will now hopefully only engage in constructive debate if they have facts.

No more name-calling and humiliating those you disagree with. It's high noon at the kindergarten

Kiekie Mboweni, Nkowankowa