Show world SA is a powerhouse

I AM shocked and disgusted by all the fighting between the political parties and the various races.

We live in South Africa, which used to be a nice country. The country is modern and has many secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

South Africa is Africa's powerhouse. We must show not only to Africa but the rest of the world that South Africa is the place to be in Africa.

With all the fighting going on between parties and the hate speech of Julius Malema the country is going to become inhospitable. And that is a scary thought.

I personally want a South Africa that is friendly, where parties and races get along, where there is freedom to do things that do not harm other people.

The Fifa World Cup is starting in a few months' time and that will put South Africa back in the spotlight of the earth - as a beautiful country to visit too. The tournament will also boost South Africa's economy for years to come.

Please put all the differences aside, especially during the soccer event. I hope the World Cup will create unity among the races and political parties.

Please, let there be more police to protect the visitors to our beautiful country. Also make law enforcement officials visible. Let us show the world that South Africa is a country worth visiting.

Let us put South Africa back on the world map as a favourable tourist destination with no racist fights and no other crimes.

Lee Hoyle, Cape Town