Nothing changed since 1994

SOUTH Africa is sitting on a racial time bomb. It has been for a very long time.

SOUTH Africa is sitting on a racial time bomb. It has been for a very long time.

Black and white communities still have deep-seated, unresolved issues about the past and also about the current dispensation.

As black people, we feel the white community has not paid its debt for apartheid. We are still suffering the consequences and repercussions of that evil system. Many social and economic imbalances haven't been addressed, the economic gap between rich (overwhelmingly white) and poor (largely the black majority) has widened dramatically since 1994.

White people on the other hand, especially the Afrikaner community, are also unhappy about the current political dispensation. They never envisioned South Africa being governed by any other race than the white race. They think FW De Klerk is a sellout and they don't see black people as their equals. This manifests in racism.

If the government takes for granted these issues and creates an illusion of a great rainbow nation for international public relations purposes, the country could find itself on the brink of a race-based full-scale civil war.

We should have learnt from the xenophobic attacks on foreigners. There were factors that led to this, but our government took them for granted.

Nothing has drastically changed since 1994, except for the emergence of a small black middle class . The economy is aimed at making the rich richer and condemning the poor to poverty. Black people were force-fed reconciliation without social and economic justice, and the consequences could be dire.

Lucian Hlophe, Daveyton