Gauteng must start doing things for the poor

WHILE I celebrate the ANC Gauteng provincial conference in May, we need to be worried about the sorry state the Sedibeng, West Rand and Metsweding regions are in.

High levels of joblessness and poverty are perpetually ignored. Leaders in this province, both at governmental and political levels, have not developed it for more than 10 years . Debates are about individuals rather than development . Growth patterns and economic decline show that Gauteng develops one or two regions only . Develop poor regions, not metros. This approach creates two economies since it focuses on developed areas at the expense of poor ones.

Dump personality cults and politics of convenience and help the poor majority . Our main challenge is the racist DA Midvaal Municipality in Sedibeng. It makes a mockery of the ANC's vision .

Mzukisi Ronyuza, Boipatong