Media unfair to Juju and Jacob Zuma

I DON'T support Julius Malema, but I am an uncompromising member of the ANC.

I believe the media, particularly some newspapers and, are running a campaign and vendetta against Malema.

He might have amassed wealth by dubious means, but if the media feel he has a case to answer they should report the matter to the law enforcement agencies instead of running daily and weekly exposés. These exposés become monotonous.

Is Malema the only sinner and villain? Is it because he is black and from a poor and uneducated background?

Eugène Terre'Blanche was a racist farmer. He hated Africans, but the media never revealed his or many other white people's conduct. We only knew that he employed a minor when he died .

Why the double standards? This is a disturbing trend and journalists should also take a look at themselves.

The AWB general secretary threatened a black journalist at Terre'Blanche's funeral . The reporting of that incident was low profile compared with the incident of the BBC journalist, whose behaviour was appalling.

Now Sowetan, which I love and have read since high school in the 1980s, is running an online questionnaire asking readers whether Malema should relinquish his position as youth league leader or stay until his term expires?

If that is not to incite emotions and cause mayhem in the ANCYL by a responsible paper like Sowetan then what is?

If the media only glorify Hellen Zille, Patrick Lekota and others and vilify Malema, Jacob Zuma and others, we are justified in believing that journalists are not holier than thou.

Lazarus Nsiki, Letsitele