AfriForum is not supremacist

A DISCONCERTING characteristic of the ANC is that when it is criticised the merit of the criticism is not examined.

Instead the complainant is branded unpatriotic and in the case of AfriForum even as an enemy of transformation - that when we are merely defending constitutional rights.

Though we find such an undemocratic defence unacceptable we have become used to hearing it . But it is disappointing to come across that sentiment in a Sowetan editorial.

AfriForum is described as a "right-wing organisation" similar to the AWB though we have distanced ourselves from the AWB and other white supremacy organisations time and again and made it clear that we do not want special privileges for any race, but fair and equal treatment for all in line with the Constitution.

We are also criticised for our alleged failure to respond to the death of farm workers thoughwe have always made it clear that no murder is justified or accepted.

Had Sowetan journalists taken the trouble to read through the lists of names of farm murder victims, which we tried to give to the ANCYL on March 19 2010, they would have seen that they include farm workers, farmers and their families - people of all races, all victims of crime, equally trampled by ANCYL members.

We want a South Africa where communities recognise and respect each others' cultures, hopes and fears.

Alana Bailey,Deputy CEO AfriForum