Time to keep loose nut from doing damage

THERE is a saying: It takes 8460 bolts to assemble a car and one nut to dismantle it.

The ANC must take heed of this and be extremely careful not to elect nuts who work tirelessly to scatter it across the political landscape.

South Africa has shifted from liberation to advancement politics. The ANC needs to polish its structures to meet our demands. Equally, the ANCYL must be the ANC's future. If the ANC seeks to encourage grooming young and educated cadres, intellectual debates, a healthy political discourse, politics that address our national challenges and a non-racial society, then the ANCYL must also epitomise these aspirations.

Julius Malema is loved, hated and as golfing legend Gary Player recently said, charismatic. But what leadership qualities does he have that epitomise the ANC's vision? Which youth debate has he led that will bring youth to where they ought to be? What policy has he proposed that is remotely flawless and will help the youth?

What is his vision for the youth and the league? Would you introduce him to Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama or Hugo Chavez and trust that he could hold a conversation that will not embarrass us by calling them "bloody agents" when they ask him where he lives?

If we want to groom leaders who can unite a nation like Barack Obama, we must modernise cadre development. If the ANC wants to be a force over the next five decades the seeds of the next generation must be planted today. If we allow loose nuts to be leaders, we must not be shocked when they dismantle us.

Tebogo Ditshego, Kagiso