Academic debunks secession

"A SECEDED Thembuland is a pipe dream that will, sooner or later, die a natural death".

This is the view of Walter Sisulu University anthropologist Masilo Lamla.

Lamla also said the idea of secession was too remote for ordinary people.

"The worst part is that today the very leaders in the area take it cum grano salis (not seriously).

"If one considers the geographical boundaries of the so-called Thembuland, it shows how absurd the whole idea is."

Lamla raised questions about the manner in which Dalindyebo grew up. He said his actions indicated problematic behaviour symptoms associated with his childhood and upbringing as a teenager.

"Where and how he grow up is the starting point. It is not normal for children, especially royal children, to be brought up like that - in exile. It was not the normal way," Lamla said.

Lamla said the secession debate would not divide the Thembus because they were united. He said there was hope because the tribe had knowledgeable people who can show the tribe the light.