Teens with knives run riot

A DURBAN mother cried inconsolably yesterday as she relayed how her 18-year-old son was stabbed in a gang-related incident near a busy shopping centre.

She does not want her or her son's name published for fear that the teenagers who stabbed her son might seek revenge. Her son was innocent, she said, but his attackers plunged a knife into his back, seriously wounding him.

Reports from the scene indicate that a group of armed teenagers went on a rampage on Tuesday afternoon just metres outside the Musgrave shopping centre. Six boys were stabbed after an argument with another group.

Onlookers watched in horror as knives were pulled out.

The mother said her son and his friends went to movies at the centre as tickets were half price.

"My son was among the group standing on the side. His back was turned to the attackers and they stabbed him," she cried.

She said doctors had told her that his lung would not function properly again. "The knife broke inside his lung and they removed the knife today. He is not really doing that good, his lung is damaged badly."

Netcare 911's Jeff Wicks said: "Several youths were seriously injured in the knife brawl outside the centre."

Wicks said the injured boys were taken to Addington and Nu Shifa Hospital. The clash is believed to be gang related.

Police spokesperson Vincent Mdunge said he was not aware of any charges being laid but confirmed that the matter was under investigation by police.

Sabir Yusum, Musgrave Centre manager, said: "We have forwarded our reports as well as CCTV footage of unruly youths to the SAPS. We will be pursuing legal action against the offenders."

He said various teenagers began randomly attacking security personnel and other operational staff.

"Our security complement and the SAPS then moved in to evacuate the areas affected.

"At this point, some suspects were arrested."