Leadership is needed

WHILE the sane world across the political spectrum agrees the murder of AWB leader Eugène Terre'Blanche was unfortunate, opportunists might want to leverage political mileage out of it.

A farmer in North West posted bail of R7000 yesterday after he had been arrested for allegedly assaulting seven of the workers on his plot near Lichtenburg.

Lichtenburg lies a scream's distance from Ventersdorp, Terre'Blanche's neck of the woods.

The police have been quick to dispel notions of a link between the assault on the men and the cold-blooded murder of Terre'Blanche.

No one will dispute the police version, but coming at a volatile time like this the attack is too close for comfort. Like the killing of ET with a panga, the attack with a blunt object should not have happened.

We welcome the decision by the AWB top brass to retract their earlier threat to avenge the death of one of their own.

But it remains an irresponsible statement that should not have escaped their lips - not even in the heat of the moment. The fact is there are impressionable people out there who often are dyed-in-the-wool agents provocateur.

When ET died those imbued with foresight saw the need to call for cool heads.

A true leader is one who can see us safely through this quagmire, without the need for some to maim or kill others.

It is up to Steyn de Ronge, the new AWB head honcho, to seize the moment and show true grit.