THE hit musical Beatlemania is heading for the Graceland Casino in Secunda .

THE hit musical Beatlemania is heading for the Graceland Casino in Secunda .

The popular show, which has toured the world, will now thrill fans in Mpumalanga. The musical is a tribute to one of the world's most popular bands, the Beatles. It opens today.

Beatlemania will have Beatles fans singing along to some of the band's chart toppers that brought them worldwide fame.

The show has become a global phenomenon across the world.

Formed in 1960, the Beatles were made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. After gaining world fame, and to the great disappointment of their fans, the group disbanded in 1970.

The show will take audiences back in time to the unforgettable sound of this English pop group from Liverpool.

The show is the ultimate celebration of the Beatles. Originally produced by Steve Leber and David Krebs, Beatlemania premiered on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre in May 1977 and ran until October 1979, for 1006 performances.

Though the Beatle's time together didn't last as long as their fans had hoped, their music has lived longer than anyone of them could have predicted.

The musical has toured New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cincinnati, London, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Beatles' songs includedA Hard Day's Night, A World Without Love, Let It Be, And I Love Her, All My Loving, All You Need Is Love, Can't Buy Me Love, Eleanor Rigby, Hello Goodbye, Help, Hey Jude and Day Tripper.