Musina storm leaves families homeless

More than 300 people from Musina in Limpopo were left homeless when a devastating hailstorm hit the nearby township's Extension 2 and surrounding settlements over the Easter weekend.

Communities said the storm started with rain that was followed by strong winds that blew off the roofs of houses and other infrastructures on Monday evening.

Musina mayor Caroline Mahasela said yesterday preliminary investigations into the situation had shown that more than 40 families had their houses' roofs blown away and thrown into the streets. As a result, they were left homeless.

Mahasela yesterday joined members of the community who were helping each other to collect corrugated iron and timber that were scattered around the streets.

Mahasela said it was a heartbreaking to see some of the family appliances wet and destroyed by the storm .

Fina Muravha had her two-roomed house destroyed.

She said all her belongings were left lying in a pool of water.

"I no longer have a house and that means there's no place to sleep," Muravha said.

She said she did not know where to get money to fix the damage to her house.

Muravha depends on part-time cleaning jobs for survival.

Another resident, Anna Tshinyelo, was left without a place to stay after Monday's storm destroyed her house's roof.

She said her house would remain damaged for months while she would be looking for money to buy materials to fix it.

But the municipality said it was still analysing the damage and would then decide on how to help the affected families.

In the meantime, Mahasela said temporary accommodation was being prepared to shelter the homeless.

But Mahasela appealed for home builders to construct stormproof roofs since the area was becoming vulnerable to storms.

"The disaster management unit of the municipality is meeting other structures to see how they can help," Mahasela said.