Lefties are much smarter than righties

WHAT do Albert Einstein, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Morgan Freeman, Mahatma Gandhi, Jimi Hendricks, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill and David Rockefeller have in common?

They (were) are left-handed.

A right-handed editor might be circumspect in publishing this information, especially because of my inherently biased slant on writing about handedness because I am left-handed.

We left-handed elites constitute only about 10percent of the world population, but the percentage of achievers is so high that we might as well take over the world. There is something special about us lefties that righties have tried to downplay, but have failed due to our proven success.

We have the greatest guitarist ever, the first US black president, the greatest talk-show host of all time, one of the richest men, arguably the best actor today, the greatest painters and revolutionary politicians, as part of our arsenal.

Need I say more?

According to Alan Searleman of the St Lawrence University in New York there are more left-handed people with IQ's above 140 (genius bracket) than right-handed people though we are only 10 percent of the world population.

Research shows that most left-handed people think faster than our right-handed friends. To be a genius, one must be able to create original works and since lefties are better equipped than righties to think with the right side of their brains (which controls creativity) we are more likely to come up with ingenious ideas.

Tebogo Ditshego, Kagiso