Salute the brave Matlala

IN THE online edition of Sowetan I read an article about the brave Tshepo Matlala, who differed publicly with the racist songs sung by Julius Malema.

In fact he distanced himself from Malema.

I was at the public hearing on name changes in Boksburg, Gauteng, when Matlala made these comments.

This must be lauded.

I wanted to congratulate him afterwards but could not find him.

I hope to reach him through your newspaper.

In a country where we are so desperately yearning for moral leadership we are confronted with crude racism.

In a country where the ANC as governing party is supposed to be a beacon of hope there is more uncertainty and hostility than before.

This is something we can ill-afford.

I represent an Afrikaner organisation that wants to help make South Africa work for all of its people.

With people like Matlala expressing their public concern there is a glimmer of hope.

Let us all be proud of who we are and always remember that we are all South Africans.

When criticism is expressed against the leadership or their pronouncements it places the emphasis on the desperate need for a new morality in South Africa and the need for nation building.

I know there are more voices out there that share this approach.

I salute you Matlala.

Jan Bosman, Auckland Park