More downpours expected in Gauteng

Emergency services are on high alert as more rain is expected in Gauteng.

Johannesburg emergency services spokesperson Percy Morokane said there were no incidents of drowning reported since it started raining on Thursday.

"Our main concern now is misty conditions, potholes and slippery roads which may cause accidents. We are on high alert and none of our staff members were allowed to go on leave so that we could be ready for any incidents," Morokane said.

Senior meteorologist at the South African Weather Service, Tshepho Ngobeni, said rainy conditions would continue for the next three days.

"Tomorrow (today) we will have the same conditions in Gauteng with a 60percent chance of rain.

"The rain is caused by tropical moisture from the north east which is spreading to the south east,bringing with it showers and thunderstorms," Ngobeni said.

"On Thursday chances of rain will decrease to 30percent and temperatures will start to rise to 25 degrees C in Pretoria and 23 degrees C in Johannesburg. On Friday we will see a slight increase in temperatures but on Sunday temperatures are expected to drop to 19 degrees C," Ngobeni said.

"This is not the last wet weather for Gauteng because the province's winter will only start towards the end of April.

"Last year we also had rainy days in winter so the wet weather is not over yet," Ngobeni added.