As a country we should get our priorities right

THE situation in our country is a clear indication of our failure to prioritise. I find it strange that we still have townships that are using the bucket system and have no access to clean water.

Had we used a fraction of the effort we put into preparing to host the World Cup I am sure we could have addressed the backlog in service delivery that we are experiencing.

We budgeted billions for a programme that is going to last exactly 30 days, yet over the past 15 years we have been unable to provide the basics we needed so desperately to better the lives of our people.

Apartheid treated us differently because we are black and were considered inferior. We are now treated differently because we are poor.

Look at the infrastructure we provide when servicing so-called disadvantaged communities and compare that with development in affluent areas.

We deserve better particularly because we are ruled by a former liberation movement.

Meshack Galekhutle, Azapo - Kagiso