Stop Caster humiliation

ATHLETICS SA must speedily conclude the terms under which Caster Semenya can compete in local and international events.

The uncertainty is unfair. It is no use saying that negotiations are under way and confidential when her very being is questioned and denigrated publicly.

She has had the most private aspects of her life and physiognomy paraded all over the media to the titillation of the world.

She has been stopped from competing against others over dubious rumours about her physique. Who knows how many people have the same features that she has who are not made into a circus wonder.

She has had to face an unprecedented invasion of privacy because of the ineptitude of ASA and the International Amateur Athletics Federation.

She is understandably fed up and has threatened to take part in future meets.

ASA is playing footsie with the world body and bending over backwards to accommodate weaker athletes who want Semenya out so that they can shine in their mediocrity.

We do not see why her gender test results are not available. She was tested after winning the 800m title in Berlin last August.

It is a bit late to conduct negotiations or consultations behind closed doors when the revelations about her were leaked into the public domain.

It is time the issue was settled. She has suffered enough.

We admire her for her courage and her determination to continue with her career.

The dithering is robbing the world of a beautiful and sleek athlete. The South African public want her back.