'ANC upset over Julius threats'

THE ANC says it is worried about the safety of its Youth League leader Julius Malema.

Yesterday ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe said the outrage over the song Dubul' ibhunu was a smokescreen for an attempt on Malema's life.

"We are dealing with a society that wants to wish its history away by picking up on an issue that triggers disagreement and conflict," Mantashe said, urging law enforcement agencies to take the threats against Malema seriously.

"Part of our history is that when right-wing groups started aggressive propaganda against individual members of our movement in the past, such members were assassinated."

Mantashe said the police should investigate the PAC Youth League's threat against Malema.

But PACYL president Pitso Mphasha said yesterday his members no longer planned to injure Malema, saying they blamed former president Nelson Mandela for the "distortion" over who organised the 1960 anti-pass march.