PAC backs stories with proof

JULIUS Malema's article of March 29 - "Sharpeville events started by the ANC" - cannot and should not go unchallenged.

JULIUS Malema's article of March 29 - "Sharpeville events started by the ANC" - cannot and should not go unchallenged.

Malema is a puppet who is being manipulated by puppeteers who use demagoguery and propaganda.

They hide behind a veil of anonymity because they know their revised version of the history of events that led to the March 21 1960 anti-pass campaign - which they spread through Malema is faked. What do the court records say Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe was sentenced to three years in jail for and ended up spending nine years there?

Sobukwe's right-hand man, Potlako Leballo, told Contact magazine on February 28 1958 in a special interview that the 1958 conference will elect a new executive and when he succeeds, he and his group will call for a strike a few days before the white elections.

He continued: "We want the Nats back in power, and such a strike will scare the white voters into putting them back. With another Nat government the day of reckoning will be brought rapidly nearer. We Africanist leaders are not afraid of going to jail and do not worry about legalisms like many of the present Congress leaders - if we, the people, will carry on with action."

The militant language was part of the Africanists' lexicon even two years before March 21 1960. Leballo distinguished between the Africanists and Congress leaders in early 1958. So why, two years later, the Africanists should call themselves "Congress", Malema and his handlers cannot explain.

Moreover, their wild claims are unsubstantiated by documentary evidence. We in the PAC back our stories with proof.

Malema's handlers invoked the name of Nelson Mandela as a person whose version of history is apparently unassailable. I read his Long Walk to Freedom and find him to be as partisan as any other person.

Malema and his handlers should remember that we are focused on a quest for truth and not on a sacrosanct idol whom we must avoid debasing.

Malema and his handlers say those who went to form the PAC were disgruntled, without mentioning why they were disgruntled.

There is also no mention of another disgruntled group that came to be known as thePetitioners, who as far back as 1953 complained about maladministration in the ANC.

The Africanists and the Petitioners had genuine administrative and political grievances.

It is such arrogance and lies, which could turn a monkey red, that led to the 1958 split.

The March 21 1960 anti-pass campaign was organised by the PAC under the leadership of Sobukwe.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso