Gaga had smelly bar in mind

LADY Gaga wanted to celebrate her birthday in a "urine-soaked" bar at the weekend.

LADY Gaga wanted to celebrate her birthday in a "urine-soaked" bar at the weekend.

The Bad Romance singer - who turned 24 on Sunday - had no big plans for her special day but revealed she intended to find the closest bar she could in Australia, where she is on tour.

She said: "I am going to find the nearest bar that smells like urine and get very drunk. I'm going to be 24. I don't feel young."

It is not yet known if she fulfilled her wish and found a bad-smelling drinking establishment.

The pop star also took to Twitter to thank her fans - whom she dubs "little monsters" - for their ongoing support and birthday greetings, and promised them she intends to keep making music for another three decades.

She wrote: "Thank you so much for all the beautiful birthday messages, videos, and gifts. The greatest present I've been given this year is you, I love u!

"I'm 24 today, so you know what that means? Let's raise a glass to 30 more years of writing music and videos for my beautiful little monsters."

The singer then posted a link to a video made by fans showing a compilation of people wishing her happy birthday.

Gaga has also revealed plans for her third album, the follow-up to 2009's The Fame Monster .

"I'm working on it now and I've already written the core of it. I'm continuing to travel round the world and ... it's certainly my best work to date." - Bang