Azapo is weak because of intimidation

THABILE Mange, in a letter to Sowetan, wrote that the new Azapo leadership will also fail.

He said that past leadership, and Mosibudi Mangena in particular, failed to steer Azapo to greater heights.

Azapo might have failed to convince the masses to vote for us in previous elections, but this does not mean that we had poor leadership.

If you followed our history , you will know how the ruling party aligned with organisations for an ANC takeover. People who joined Azapo were hunted down, intimidated and even killed. They were even attacked inside their coffins after being killed by the very supporters and members of those organisations.

We did not see it coming because we knew who our enemy was and we failed to take decisive action against those who were hellbent on destroying us. The attacks were meant to instil fear in our people, to ensure that they did not associate with Azapo or its student wing Azasm.

We never recovered, not because of poor leadership, but primarily because people were forced not to support us. We have the best leadership in the country , but our people fear doing the right thing. We will have to re-work ourselves into the hearts and minds of our communities to re-establish ourselves as a people's movement.

It will not be easy but the current situation in the country is an indication that it is possible.

Azapo will continue to retain its discipline without compromising morals to win back support. People are not fools and you cannot lie to them forever.

Meshack Galekhutle, Azapo - Kagiso