'died for new lover'

A Limpopo fisherman was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend and strangled her with a T-shirt.

He then allegedly left her under a tree a few metres from the river where he often caught fish.

Ntikedzeni Mudziwa, 29, was arrested after he allegedly confessed to having killed and dumped Mboniseni Matshinyatsimbi, 25, under a tree at Dzwerani village in Limpopo. He appeared briefly in the Vuwani magistrate's court on Wednesday.

Police said Mudziwa had phoned the deceased's new boyfriend, seeking a meeting with the couple. They agreed to meet him at a mielie field where he then allegedly insisted on a separate meeting with Matshinyatsimbi, his ex-girlfriend.

Vuwani police spokesperson Inspector Elijar Malatji said Mudziwa's request was accepted and he was left with his ex-girlfriend, whom he later allegedly strangled.

Malatji said the deceased was strangled with a piece of cloth and dumped under a tree near the river where Mudziwa allegedly fished daily.

Matshinyatsimbi's body was found on Tuesday in a decomposed state, without any external wounds, but police said investigations were continuing.

Police said Matshinyatsimbi had been reported missing for a number of days. She was later discovered dead under a tree during a combined search by police and community members.

Malatji said during investigations Mudziwa told police that he had killed Matshinyatsimbi and pointed out the spot where he had left her.

An additional case of contravening a protection order is expected to be added when Mudziwa returns to court on April 27.

Meanwhile, police also expressed concern over the escalating incidents of domestic violence in the area and said these occurred in many villages.