You can look hot, warm this winter

WINTER is around the corner with all its blues. But this does not mean you should look frumpy just because it is cold.

WINTER is around the corner with all its blues. But this does not mean you should look frumpy just because it is cold.

While you huddle under a heavy coat, you have to think toasty while ensuring you look stylish. Sowetan has done the legwork for you to make sure that you look good even on the gloomiest of days.

Layer clothing

First, you need to learn the art of layering your clothing so you're ready for any kind of event life throws your way. Remember, skin is in all year round, even when the weather does not seem to permit.

You can fix this problem by doing several thin fashionable layers. Your final layer should be a cool, trendy coat. If you're a little demure, go for a black coat with a faux fur collar to add a little excitement.

Touchable fabrics

You want that touch-me kind of fabric, which is the basic rule of looking hot and keeping warm. Anything that feels good to touch (such as cashmere or velvet) should fill your closet during winter months. They will make you feel great and look amazing too. Don't be afraid to show cleavage in these fabrics or to show a little skin.

Stunning accessories

If you're used to always wearing black, as many of us do, throw on a colourful sexy handbag.

Why not try it in a sexy fabric like purple or green velvet. Earrings should be long and dangle to mid-neck. Anything you can do to draw attention to the face is a must, since you're all covered up everywhere else.

If you're showing more skin, try a gorgeous delicate necklace strategically placed to draw attention to your collarbones. Gold jewellery always looks stunning with skin.

Just add colour

When I think of "hot" colours - I think black and red. Wearing head to toe red would even look amazing. Instead of the little black dress, go for the little red dress - even in winter (just make sure your coat is warm, yet hot). This change of pace will make you look sultry, even if it's not so hot outdoors.

Sexy make-up

Without sultry make-up, what would most women do during the coldest of seasons? To keep looking hot, without breaking the bank for a new wardrobe, you must master the smoky eyes with liner, full lashes and gray shadows. This look will make you look hot no matter what.

With these tips, you will nail down the philosophy of looking hot, while keeping warm. Remember to be yourself, only sexier. Not only will it be easier to get through those cold months, but you'll find that you try harder to look better all year. And, nothing beats that. - www. yelp. com