IT LOOKS as if South Africa is ready for the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup both on and off the field.

IT LOOKS as if South Africa is ready for the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup both on and off the field.

While soccer lovers will have a good time during June and July, music lovers will have an equally good time because local musicians will provide great music.

AmaSAP, Nkunzemdaka, Spy Two, Condry Ziqubu and Deejay Skossy have produced albums especially for the soccer event.

Deejay Skossy, whose real name is Klass Skhosana, has an album called Mayibabo, which will enrich the countdown campaign.

Deejay Skossy says that for foreign visitors, the lasting impression about South Africa will be our welcoming spirit and warmth.

"Mayibabo has tracks dedicated to the event and I am also featuring the group Emalahleni Music Legends from Mpumalanga," he says.

"The spirit of camaraderie and oneness that music engenders in sports fans is captivating, but it cannot be left to spontaneity. If we sing the title track, Mayibabo, every time before Bafana Bafana plays, we will captivate their spirits," Deejay Skossy says.

He says he will get schoolchildren involved too.

"We plan to do a schools competition of Mayibabo in Witbank and Polokwane. We will choose the best school, then record that version and promote it on radio before the World Cup," Deejay Skossy says.

Maskandi singer Mlindelwa Mralatya, also known as Nkunzemdaka, sings about the soccer event and how people will benefit from it in his album Kukhona Abezayo.

"2010 is a big event that will put our country in the spotlight. I appeal to Bafana Bafana in the album to play competitive soccer and to win. Most importantly, I believe the event will open many job opportunities," he says.

Ali Mgube of AmaSAP, a maskandi group, encourages South Africans to be patriotic. In his album Bafana Bafana he has dedicated a song to the team and soccer lovers.

In a nice up-tempo track AmaSAP praises the national team.

"I encourage our national squad to step up their game for a successful tournament as well as to instil national pride so that people will admire them," Mgube says.