PAC organised Sharpeville

THE PAN Africanist Youth Congress of Azania rejects ANCYL president Julius Malema's foolish lies that the PAC "hijacked" the Positive Action Campaign that resulted in the Sharpeville-Langa massacres on March 21 1960.

For his information, it was a national campaign. Sharpeville got prominence because many unarmed and peaceful protesters were killed by trigger-happy apartheid police.

Malema is a Mickey Mouse pop star who lives in Disneyworld and knows nothing about the liberation struggle history. We will never allow this political buffoon to rape the PAC's proud, rich liberation struggle credentials and distort the country's history.

A high school dropout who could not even pass woodwork cannot be expected to grapple with subjects such as history. It is only in the ANC that fools like him are allowed to occupy leadership positions.

The PAC organised and led the campaign and the ANC rejected an invitation from founding president Mangaliso Sobukwe. Through its general secretary, Duma Nokwe, the ANC refused to take part saying: "ANC is not going to participate in this protest because it lacks proper planning and it has no prospects of success."

If Malema does not publicly apologise for his lies he will suffer the same fate as the thugs who tried to disrupt the unveiling of the Langa Monument by the PAC on the 50th commemoration of the Sharpeville-Langa massacres in Langa on Sunday.

Sello Tladi, spokesperson Payco