Geyser blankets and new bulbs will save you money

A GEYSER blanket and new light bulbs might be the smartest purchases you make this winter.

The price of electricity will go up by 25percent next month, but this should not forecast the approach of a winter of discontent because seemingly mundane changes in lifestyle can add more bucks to your wallet. These measures will not only save you money, but are also less detrimental to the environment.

A geyser blanket will ensure a constant flow of warm water. It ensures that the geyser does not lose warmth to cold air. One can save up to 21percent off the electricity bill by covering the geyser. Heavy-duty aluminium foil and an ordinary blanket are suitable substitutes.

Though fluorescent light bulbs and energy-saving globes cost more than traditional light bulbs, they last longer and use less electricity.

Infrared heaters use less electricity than conventional ones.

They transfer heat through radiation and directly warm you. Close all doors and windows when a heater is on so that the heat is not lost.