Water cuts for Limpopo as dam runs dry

THE Limpopo department of water affairs has said alternative sources of water need to be found in areas where there was a low supply because of the low levels of water in the province's dams.

Water authorities have warned that thousands of people in Mopani and Vhembe districts will not have water by August as their main source of supply was about to run dry.

Chief director of Limpopo's water affairs Alson Matukane said a process was under way to revive boreholes in Mopani. He also said funds were being pumped into parts of Vhembe to assist with boreholes.

Matukane said the situation at the Middle Letaba Dam was dire and he feared that the dam would run dry by August.

"The situation is getting worse. In fact, we predict that there will be no water in the Middle Letaba Dam by August," said Matukane.

In a quest to address the problem, the department has allocated R2million to communities in Vhembe.

The funds will be used for the refurbishment and revitalisation of water pipes which are not delivering water to communities because they are old.

Matukane said water cuts would be implemented and enforced in a bid to advocate for wise water use among communities that depend on the Middle Letaba Dam.