New leader will not be able to revive Azapo

AZAPO has good struggle credentials, but it has nothing to show for it and has been reduced to a small, insignificant opposition party.

Steve Biko must be turning in his grave.

Azapo continues to blame the ANC government for not honouring Biko, but what has it done to keep Biko's memory alive? Nothing.

Mosibudi Mangena was a good deputy education minister and science and technology minister, but he was a bad leader for Azapo.

He failed to grow or take the party forward. It is a relief he is notstanding for Azapo's presidency.

Veteran politician Pandelani Nefelovhodwe and Nelvis Qekema are standing, but neither will be able to resuscitate Azapo .

Thabile Mange, Kagiso