Cosas harming schoolchildren

THE Congress of South African Students is endangering innocent pupils.

At the court appearances of Jub Jub Molemo Maarohanye and Themba Tshabalala, its so-called leadership made remarks that provoked the pupils.

Their comrade from the Community Policing Forum, Mandla Gaza, allowed them into the courtroom.

While the pupils were chanting mzabalazo songs outside, some Cosas leaders kept telling them that if the suspects were granted bail they would kill them.

This undermines our judiciary. Their remarks agitated the pupils, who pushed at the court gate and prompted the police to fire rubber bullets and arrest some pupils.

While Cosas was threatening to kill the accused, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema visited an accused . There is no adherence to rule of law in the ANC and no sympathy from Malema for the bereaved families.

Cosas should ensure that pupils are at school instead of pushing their political agenda to gain positions. With rights come responsibility. Responsibility and discipline should be encouraged. But then, ill-discipline leads to promotions in the ANCYL and eventually the ANC.

The ANC must stop politicising the case and allow the judiciary to do its job.

We condemn school disruptions though we are not against pupils supporting friends and their families. But this form of support should not take place during school hours.

Toni Molefe, Emdeni South